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Free BitCoin

Scroll down and click the CLAIM YOUR FREE BTC NOW! button to win free bitcoins. The amount of free bitcoins that you get will depend on the number that you roll and paid out according to the payout table below. You can come back and play every hour to win free bitcoins each time!

Participate in our weekly lottery draw and win big prizes!

Receive 2 free lottery tickets for every FREE BTC roll you play, 1 ticket for every roll your referrals play and 1 ticket for every 0.00008500 BTC that you wager in the MULTIPLY BTC game!

 You can also Win up to $200 Daily when you collect your Free BitCoin

Earn a 50% Referral comission from your own personalized referral link

BitCoin Lottery – Lottery Rules

The weekly lottery will work in the following manner:

  1. Any tickets that you purchase or receive for free will be automatically entered into the current weekly round.
  2. When the countdown timer on this page runs out, the current lottery draw will end and a new one will begin automatically.
  3. After the round ends, a script on the server will pick 10 winners randomly from the pool of users having tickets in the current round.
  4. The more tickets a user has, the higher will be their chance of winning a prize.
  5. Having more tickets will also increase the chance of winning a bigger prize.
  6. A user will not be able to win more than 1 prize in a round (ie. the same user cannot win the first and second prize for example).
  7. The prize money will be credited to the account balance of the winners and can be withdrawn immediately. An email will also be sent to them to notify them of their win if they have a valid email address attached to their account.

BitCoin Multiplyer – How it Works

This game is provably fair. What that means is that there is no way the site can cheat you by picking a number that is in our favour.

The way this works is that each roll is calculated using 3 parameters – the server seed, client seed and nonce. Out of these, we show you the client seed and nonce that will be used for your next roll along with a SHA256 hash of the server seed. You can also change the client seed if you wish. The server seed is the only part that is kept a secret until after the roll.

Then after you roll, under the section titled PREVIOUS ROLL DETAILS, we show you the server seed that was used and you can verify that this was the same server seed that we said we were going to use before the roll by checking if the SHA256 hash of this seed matches the SHA256 hash that we showed you before the roll.To know exactly how we calculate the rolls, read the section below titled How are rolls calculated?

After you roll, you can also click the link above named CLICK HERE TO VERIFY YOUR ROLLS to verify your roll using our javascript based roll verifier which uses the same seeds to re-calculate the roll right in your browser without any external communication.

How are rolls calculated?

  1. Two strings are created :
  2. Then HMAC-SHA512 is used to hash STRING1 with STRING2 as the secret key, giving us a 128 character hex string.
  3. The first 8 characters of the hex string are taken and converted to a decimal.
  4. This decimal is then divided by 429496.7295 and rounded off to the nearest whole number.
  5. This whole number is used as your roll, with the maximum possible value being 10,000.