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Gambling is big business, and online gambling represents a significant and growing proportion of that business – about 8% currently.

Research company H2 Gambling Capital, which values the online gambling market in terms of gross winnings, put the global market value at €21.73bn ($28.54bn) in 2012. Furthermore, the firm expects a 9.13% compound annual growth rate through 2015.

Right now bitcoin gambling only accounts for a tiny percentage of the total of online gambling revenues. However, it is clear that the opportunity exists to make significant income within the industry and, with bitcoin’s advantages in terms of low-cost, speedy payments, cryptocurrency-based gambling firms are doing their best to do just that.

Another thing working in cryptocurrency’s favour is the innovative nature of its community. The cryptocurrency concept is itself entirely new, built on the cryptography–based decentralised autonomous networking principles introduced by Satoshi. In such an innovative environment, is not surprising that new technologies and gaming models have sprung up.

We have tested the sites below and will ad more as we test sites and make sure they are legit. Enjoy this listing and happy gambling.


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Bitcoin Poker & Litecoin Casino – Online Bitcoin Litecoin Gambling 100% Bonus


Betcoin Casino Also See Betcoin SportsBook

Bitcoin has expanded beyond its original reputation as magical internet money over the years as it has been exposed to more and more industries each week. Today, bitcoin can be seen in many different fields both online and offline. One of the first applications of bitcoin was its use in the online gambling industry. The online bitcoin gambling industry started early in bitcoin’s development, and has steadily grown ever since. Poker is one of the most popular forms of online gambling, and in the bitcoin gambling industry, Betcoin Poker is undeniably the largest provider of online bitcoin poker

Betcoin Poker is one of three branches in the Betcoin franchise, along with Betcoin Casino and Betcoin Sports. Betcoin Poker, launched in late December of 2013, is the second branch of Betcoin, released after Betcoin Sports. Betcoin Poker founded themselves into an industry dominated by Seals With Clubs. Seals had always been by far the largest bitcoin poker option, and Betcoin sought to take some of the market share as their own. They competed with Seals to provide the highest quality poker experience on the market. The competition, however, has since ended, as Seals With Clubs has recently shut down. After the Seals shutdown, Betcoin established themselves as the top bitcoin poker site in the world.


One of the major drawbacks of bitcoin poker are the limitations. Most bitcoin poker sites house a small player base, which also means that there is not much variety in tournaments and ring games, simply because there just isn’t enough poker players to fill the games. Betcoin Poker, however, is not nearly as limited as the other sites. In fact, the activity mirrors what might be seen on mainstream online poker sites, such as Carbon Poker and Pokerstars. At any given time, several dozen poker tables across six different games are in session. There are always dozens of sit n go tournies running, with many more in the process of beginning. In the tournament section, every size tournament from 10 players to 1,000 is in session.

Many of the Betcoin Poker players choose the site because of the flexibility in tournaments. New tournaments begin every 5 minutes, and many times more than one tournament begins at the same interval. The tournaments cover every player from free rollers to high rollers. At Betcoin Poker tournament, your ideal poker tournament is always in rotation, and you have the power to choose exactly what stakes you want to play at, on what game, with how many people, at any given time.

Earlier this month, Betcoin hosted their Million Dollar Sunday tournament. The tournament was by far the largest in bitcoin poker history, with almost two thousand players registered and a guaranteed prize of one million dollars. This tournament was not limited to wealthy gamblers, as a large number of satellites were held in the weeks prior to the tournament at varying stakes, giving all players an opportunity to participate. The tournament was a huge success, and the site has since announced that their next Million Dollar Sunday will take place in April.

Betcoin Poker empowers its players with the freedom to play exactly what they want. Betcoin Poker is a very highly recommended online poker option for both casual and professional online poker players in the bitcoin world. If you are looking for a quality poker experience, give Betcoin a try.

Interview with Betcoin

1) How did Betcoin get started?

We have always been passionate about bitcoin since late 2012 and the more involved we became in it, the more we realized that bitcoin and online gaming of all types would be a perfect fit. We launched Betcoin Sports in April of 2013.

2) Were you planning to use bitcoins from the start?

Fiat online gaming is completely saturated and does not have the same benefits as gaming with bitcoins does. Bitcoin has the advantage of instant deposits, no fraud, and no charge-backs. This allows Betcoin to offer better bonuses and promotions to our customers.

3)  Do employees get paid in bitcoin?

Yes, all company operations are in bitcoin. It has been a great learning process for everyone as you quickly realize how much easier bitcoin is to use, and the greater control you have over your money. Bitcoin is the evolution of currency into a digital form and the future of online money now.


Betcoin Sports

4) Which came first? Casino, Sportsbook, or Poker?

Betcoin Sports was launched in April of 2013 and was immediately successful. We had always planned to have Betcoin Poker and Betcoin Casino from the start, but these properties were not launched until March 2014.

5) Since the Amaya group has taken over Pokerstars, a lot of players have been complaining. Do you see this as an opportunity?

Pokerstars is a powerhouse and a very reputable company in the industry. We see bitcoin poker as the next step in online poker. Similar to live play, you can collect your winnings instantly using bitcoin. We see a great opportunity in bitcoin poker are working very hard to provide the best service possible.

6) How do you ensure the Bitcoins you are holding are safe?

We use encrypted cold storage as well as a variety of encrypted warm wallets. We have never had a bitcoin security breach and protecting our player’s bitcoins is of primary importance to us.

7) Do players deposit less when the Bitcoin price is low? Does a fluctuating Bitcoin price change how you operate?

We have seen deposits steadily gain irrespective of price at this point, however the price has trended down the last 6 months. We still need more data to make a direct correlation to price and number of deposits. Right now we are pleased to be getting a very solid influx of players and a high deposit/return rate.

This concludes our interview with Brian Thomas, and we hope you got some insight into how Betcoin is working.

Brian gave us some additional information after the interview to say that Betcoin has many new features including an updated sportsbook, revamped VIP system with tons of rewards, and more community involvement with bonuses and promotions. Betcoin is hosting a $1,000,000 guaranteed poker tournament on December 14, 2015 to be paid out in bitcoin. Lastly, Brian said Betcoin will continue working hard to improve bitcoin gaming.



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