Bitvisitor – Earn Bitcoins To Visit Websites

Bitvisitor – Earn Bitcoins To Visit Websites



Bitvisitor rewards our users with BTC for visiting websites. All visitors are CAPTCHA verified. Earn bitcoins 24/7 with their offer. Please visit the advertising page if you are interested in reaching them with your product or message! Visit Bitvisitor today! Once you have an account you can make money clicking adds or purchase add space yourself.

It’s a very simple site. You go to the home page, and you enter your Bitcoin address, and it immediately takes you to a page where you enter a code. When you correctly input the code, you are taken to your first advertiser website. You stay on that site for five minutes indicated by a counter which counts down. When the counter gets to zero a bright green NEXT button will appear in the top right hand corner. Clicking on the NEXT button credits you for visiting the site. When you entered the code before getting to the advertiser site, the page also indicated what your earnings would be for visiting that site.

Earnings per site visited range from 8 uBTC all the way up to a little over 100 uBTC. One time I visited websites for as low as 1 uBTC each. That was the same day that the price of DVC was most recently pumped. There were two or three sites at that price and then the earnings per site went back to normal. I’ve never seen earnings that low since, and I stop by BitVisitor at least once a day.

The advertisers who are willing to pay out the highest earnings are bumped to the head of the line, so if you visit all the available sites, you will visit them in order of decreasing earnings. Sometimes while you are visiting sites in the 8 to 16 uBTC range you will suddenly get to a site that pays 80 uBTC for your visit. That means that site just entered into the line and got bumped ahead of all the other relatively low earning sites in the line.

Ads on BitVisitor are generally shown once every twenty-four hours. It’s hard to tell, though, because so many advertisers are all promoting the same websites through individual affiliate links. You might see the same gambling site advertised five times at five different reward levels, for example. The number of ads per cycle is highly variable. Some days you can be getting paid to visit sites all day; other days BitVisitor runs out of sites to visit very quickly.

BitVisitor pays out approximately every hour, though I have heard of and experienced longer wait times. You do have to reach a minimum earning threshold of 100 uBTC. Payouts are reliable.

I mentioned before that the setup for BitVisitor is quite simple. This makes it easy to navigate and you are quickly and efficiently taken from one advertiser site to the other. One disadvantage of the simplicity is that there is no built-in way to track your earnings, referrals, or anything else that has to do with your account. For a brief time you could see your accrued earnings at the top of each site you were visiting, but that is no longer the case.

When you go through BitVisitor ads, you are going blind, unless you manually keep track of how many earnings you should be getting, so you have to trust that the site is honest and accurate in its payouts. While they have a technical support email address, they make it clear that they will not entertain inquiries about when users will get paid unless more than 24 hours have passed before an expected payment is received. I have never had an issue with a missing payment. I have contacted them through the website contact form on a couple occasions. Both times I received no direct response but the issue did get resolved.

The simplicity supports anonymity, though. The only piece of information about yourself you will ever need to provide is a Bitcoin address so you can get paid. The site also runs well, which may be a result of it being uncomplicated. In contrast, the similar site Earn Free Bitcoins seems to take forever to load in between completing your allotted time on a particular website, getting back to the page where you enter the code, and moving on to the next site. But you can track your earnings as they accrue and I have to admit that being able to do so makes me feel more in control. CoinAd also allows you to track your earnings and it doesn’t have loading problems, but the number of ads is limited.

While I do wish BitVisitor had an account section where users could track their earnings and other related statistics, the fact that it doesn’t is not a deal breaker for me. Thanks to BitVisitor I can effortlessly earn anywhere from 0.0001 to 0.0005 BTC every day. While I could earn much more on BitcoinGet, there are plenty of times when I don’t want to have to work quite as hard, and it doesn’t get much easier than simply visiting a website until the timer counts all the way down.

A huge advantage of BitVisitor for me is that it’s easy to use on a tablet PC. I just go to BitVisitor using the Android browser and it works the same way as it does on my PC. This makes it easy to earn Bitcoin even when it’s not convenient for me to be by my computer. I’ve gone through the BitVisitor websites while fixing dinner, rocking my baby, taking a nap, folding laundry. I just pause long enough to enter the code, glance at the website, and then get back to my activity.

I have heard that if a website does not interest a visitor within the first three seconds, the visitor is likely to move on to something more interesting. I have found this to be the case with many of the BitVisitor sites I am compelled to spend five minutes on. I either am interested in the site or I’m not, and I can determine this within the first few seconds. For this reason I don’t think there’s necessarily a whole lot of added benefit to the advertiser to have the visitor linger for five entire minutes, and I think CoinAd with its shorter visiting times could be just as effective for advertisers. On the other hand, BitVisitor is probably the most equitable advertising site ever. No matter how much or how little an advertiser pays, his ad gets the same five minutes in which to interest a visitor. The amount the advertiser pays determines his ad’s place in line, but not its duration.

I know I can count on the earnings I get from BitVisitor. I can count on there being enough ads for all those visits I pay to add up, and I can count on getting paid. There is another reason I keep going to BitVisitor that has little to do with the earnings. Because BitVisitor has such a good reputation as a great place to advertise, lots of new Bitcoin ventures will advertise on BitVisitor. For this reason BitVisitor is often the first place where I learn about something exciting going on in the Bitcoin world, including other ways to earn Bitcoin. I think that I’ll visit websites through BitVisitor long after I no longer need the earnings just so that I can keep up with what’s new.

When I first started frequenting BitVisitor, there weren’t too many ads and the ads didn’t pay nearly as much as what they do now. More recently I had to be viewing sites for several hours before I’d see the “out of ads” message. This is a big plus. Sites with limited earning potential can be frustrating. While BitVisitor does have limits, those limits are getting farther and farther away by the day. There still are slow days, though, so even though the trend is definitely in favor of more advertisers, the number of ads you will see on a given day varies a lot. At this writing it’s lower than usual because one of the heavily advertised gambling sites is down for the time being while they upgrade to a new server. I expect the number of ads to go back up once that site is back online.

One thing you will notice is that you will often see the same website at different pay rates. This is most likely because so many sites in the Bitcoin world pay commissions when people become customers through an affiliate link. Two, five or ten people could be promoting the same website and they’ll all purchase advertising on BitVisitor. Rather than direct the traffic to their own site where they can review the product and entice you to buy, they simply direct traffic to the home page of the site they are hoping you buy from. It must work well enough for them because they keep doing it. While I personally rarely become a customer (never if it’s a gambling site), I certainly have no objection to being taken to the same site dozens of times because each visit means additional Bitcoin in my wallet.

BitVisitor does have an affiliate program. When you refer your friends to BitVisitor as long as they continue to use the same address you will earn half of what they earn.

I highly recommend BitVisitor as a site to work through at least several times a week, if not daily. The earnings are steady and the payouts are reliable. BitVisitor should be part of the backbone of any Bitcoin earning program you set up for yourself.


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